Unparalleled drinkability paradoxically
balanced by uncompromised complexity

Perpetual Rotation

These beers are the staples you might find regardless of the season! These are the "mainstays," the "flagships"; the beers that are always in "Perpetual Rotation." 

The Grassroots Ale

This beer is the true definition of "unparalleled drinkability paradoxically balanced by uncompromised complexity." Along the lines of a pale ale but fermented with our house yeast strain, which lends nice fruity notes that complement the citrus flavors and aromas of the hops.

5.7% ABV

The J. Henry Original Mild

Trustworthy, an ale of character. Nice hints of coffee, chocolate, caramel and raw tobacco. Complex and compelling, yet straight forward, easy to love. A friend to the end...Period.  

5.9% ABV

Sergio's Ole Evil-Ass Devil Bullshit Ale

As light in color as we know, as potent as we can go. Looks can be deceiving, tasting is believing. A complex beast augmented with local honey and oats. Local honey sourced from Jeff Herel Apiaries - Sparta, Tennessee.  

6.5% ABV

The Smokey Treat

A Calfkiller original. Hints of smoke and earthiness are acquired through the use of a Peat Smoked Barley, while high fermentation temps and our house yeast strain lend themselves to a bevy of fruit esters and flavors resulting in an easy-drinking, very approachable ale.

5.6% ABV

The Calfkiller Deadhorse

Traditionally untraditional. An "oatmeal and brown sugar entire," precursor to the porter. This beer is well balanced, dry, faintly roasty, slightly chocolatey, moderately warm and heavily drinkable!

6.0% ABV

Perennial Favorites

These beers make their way into the world as we see fit. Depending on the season, what's in season or who had an abundance from the harvest season. These beers are all unique in their own rite and hold a special place in our hearts and in our glasses! 

The Wizard Sauce

An ode to summer, an ode to magic, an ode to 13 years of brewing Wizardry...the Calfkiller Wizard Sauce. Some things DEFY explanation! Taste the Magic!

Available from March to whenever we feel like it

5.3% ABV

The Scorned Hooker

"She may be a little bitter, but she 's still so sweet!," describes this hooker to a "T." Its bright whole-hop flavor is balanced perfectly with a smooth, malty backbone and notes of caramel and honey.

Available from March to September

5.7% ABV

The Classic Stout

The name says it all, well balanced on every front. Classic: the Led Zeppelin of beers!

6.0% ABV

Ye Old Calfkiller Quazi

This hazy summer gift is a refreshing conundrum… Is it a wheat beer? Not really. Is it a pale ale? Not quite. Is it a pilsner? Kind of… It is the Calfkiller Quazi. Almost like every beer, but unlike any beer.

Available June to whenever the heat stops

5.0% ABV

The Brown Recluse

This Calfkiller original has flavors of dark caramel and brown sugar that crawl across the palette and finish with just a little bite from a mysterious blend of British and American hops.

Available from November to February

5.8% ABV

The Scorched Hooker

Not to be confused with our "Scorned Hooker," this hooker is burnt, black and bitter. Guaranteed to satisfy your need for a dark hoppy companion.

Available from October to February

5.9% ABV

The Golden Calf

This all barley creation is as easy drinking as it gets. Wonderful malt notes balanced nicely by a blend of 3 high alpha hops late in the boil, and all tied together by the fruitiness of our house yeast strain. This beer is to be enjoyed, not worshiped. 

4.5% ABV   40 IBU 

The Trail Ale

A Calfkiller classic, an ale inspired by granola. This beloved perennial is brewed with barley, oats, wheat, apples, coconut, almonds, brown sugar, local honey and then secondarily fermented with raisins, honey and more almonds!

5.8% ABV

Dark Earth

This dark and robust concoction was carefully brewed with 4 different types of grain and 2 heavily roasted malts and barley. Locally produced sorghum completes this smooth, earthy, velvety, dark goodness.

8 % ABV

Cerebral Predator

The most aggressively hopped Calfkiller Beer of all time! ...But be not afraid... This beast has balance enough to maintain "unparalleled drinkability" as fruit notes & berry hints arise from every sip. An instant Calfkiller Classic!    7.2% ABV  78 IBU

Oktober Suprize

In true Calfkiller tradition we brewed a special "Octoberfestish" beer that can not technically be called an "Octoberfest". We used a traditional German Vienna Malt for that nice hint of sweetness, German noble hops for balance and our house yeast to keep it real...Suprize!  

Available only in October

5.1% ABV

A Special Kind of Evil

By taking one of our favorites and adding a generous amount of hops, we made something truly "special." This batch of evil has bold notes of citrus, pine and tropical fruits, balanced with large quantity of oats and a bit of local honey.

Random availability (whenever we feel like making it)

6.8 % ABV

All Hallows Ale

A wonderfully delicious porterish treat brewed with all of the pumpkin pie spices - Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice and Cloves- along with enough roasty goodness to keep the paradoxical balance!  

'Tis the season!

5.8% ABV

The Beacon

This "Tennessee High Tax Ale" was originally brewed in collaboration with Yazoo Brewing to fight Tennessee's outdated beer tax laws. This unique ale is brewed using German Oak Smoked wheat malt, local honey and a nice blend of American, German and British hops.

5.5% ABV

Maple Rye Stout

When life gives you real fire-brewed Wisconsin maple syrup in bulk, we make a really dark robust elixir. This beer is true to its name with both maple and rye starring in this bold Calfkiller original. Sure to warm the soul!

Rarely available (but at least once a year)

6.0% ABV

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